West Palm beach wrongful death lawyer – Personal Injury lawyers dispute

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West Palm beach wrongful death lawyer – Personal Injury lawyers dispute

Personal injury lawyers are often necessary to you if you want to get compensation for damage or injury someone caused you if you cannot obtain it out of the court. Personal injury cases include wrongful death cases also, those are the cases where closest relatives of a deceased person file a lawsuit against the person who is responsible for his/hers death.

David Dawson after sustaining serious burns filed a lawsuit against Fluor Intercontinental. Allegedly burns were inflicted to David due to Fluor’s negligent actions. Fluor Intercontinental is contraction firm and David Dawson’s was a civilian contractor in one of their joint projects involving energy constructions.

Judge David Horan was in charge for this case, the jury reached a verdict and awarded Dawson with a large amount of money, somewhere near 20 million dollars. After the appeal on this case, Dawson settled this case with Fluor for a different amount of money which is not revealed to the public.

Regarding this case, David’s lawyers got into the dispute about their fees. This case ended up in judge Horan’s personal-injury-lawyer1-1hands once again. Girards’ Law Firm which was primarily Dawson’s representatives filed a lawsuit against Klein Frank’s law firm regarding the distribution of fees. Judge Horan agreed that Girards must get compensation for the work they had done. You can find out more here regarding comments that unauthorized disclosure of confidential information which was attributed to Girards was not exactly like that. “We all know all lawyers discuss the potential outcome of the case among fellow lawyers and friends in order to achieve better outcome, there is nothing bad in it nor it is a real disclosure of confidential information.”

Girards were awarded with only 5000$ which was estimated value of their work, Klein Frank’s law firm was happy to hear and complete this verdict as opposed to Girards.