Medical malpractice attorney Orange county – Attorneys’ fee disputes

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Medical malpractice attorney Orange county – Attorneys’ fee disputes

Where there are cases of multiple representative lawyers or agreement between lawyers there are often the disputes about their fees, which often leads to settling them in front of the court. Two of the Chicago’s best personal injury lawyers are currently waiting for resolving of their ‘little’ dispute. Barry Rabovsky recently filed a complaint against his colleague and fellow attorney Craig Manchik, the information about it is click here for more info. These two lawyers had an agreement that dates back to 2005 which regulated mutual rights and obligations of their joint operation.

The agreement said that Rabovsky, the plaintiff was obligated to refer potential medical malpractice, personal injury and wrongful death cases to Manchik, in return he would need to give Rabovsky 25 percent of every settlement he referred to Manchik. According to the plaintiff, he referred more than three thousand cases similar to the ones in the agreement during the 10 year period.

Manchik was obligated to make periodical reports about the condition 2of those cases, are they dismissed, settled or are they still in the process, however, a very big number of that cases was allegedly still pending. Rabovsky said that the first time he realized that there was something suspicious about Manchik reports was last April, when he heard several cases were solved while Manchik reports showed different information. A case against Cook County Hospital regarding medical malpractice was settled for 1.3 million just in attorney fees, Rabovsky said he never got the amount of money that he should have according to the agreement.

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAL6AAAAJDZlZTc3MGU1LWJiMGMtNGVjYy04YjgyLTQ5MTliYWFjNGE1NARabovsky filed a complaint against Manchik and that on six counts, breach of contract and common law fraud are just some of them. In this complaint, Rabovsky asked the judge to award him with compensatory and punitive damages in an unspecified amount, but that is not all, he asked for the money Manchik was obligated to give him in the name of their agreement.